Divorce Mediation – Is It Right for You?

Divorce is difficult, even when the parties agree they need to part ways. In many instances, being served with divorce papers is a surprise. Whether it is planned or not, the issues that need to be addressed are the same. Financial considerations including the distribution of assets and future support,...

Are Adoptees entitled to their adoption records?

On a general basis, information regarding a person’s adoption is not available for inspection, unless a judge of probate of the county where such records are kept, for good cause shown, shall otherwise order. However, an adopted person is entitled to nonidentifying data under G. L. c. 210,...


An issue that often arises following a divorce of parents who share joint legal custody of their children is if the primary, physical custodian may be permitted to move outside Massachusetts with the children.

If the children are over 16 and want to accompany the custodial parent, then...

New domestic violence legislation

On August 8, 2014, Massachusetts adopted new legislation relating to domestic violence, inspired in part by the murder of Jennifer Martel by her boyfriend, Jared Remy.  These laws have far-reaching implications in areas of criminal, employment, and domestic relations law.

The provisions...

Estate Planning Review

Has it been some time since you reviewed your estate plan?

An estate plan review is suggested every 3-5 years or upon a change to your wishes or circumstances; but with the recent changes to our laws, if you haven’t reviewed your estate plan recently, you may want to consider doing so.Read More