New domestic violence legislation

On August 8, 2014, Massachusetts adopted new legislation relating to domestic violence, inspired in part by the murder of Jennifer Martel by her boyfriend, Jared Remy.  These laws have far-reaching implications in areas of criminal, employment, and domestic relations law.

The provisions of the new laws include:

–        employment leave for victims of domestic violence

–        new training and reporting requirements for law enforcement, court, and medical personnel

–        new crimes with stiffer penalties for domestic assault and battery, strangulation, and suffocation

–        prohibitions on the release of information about domestic violence incidents by the police

–        delayed bail for perpetrators of domestic violence for six hours, allowing victims additional time to find safety and assistance

The new legislation supplements other recent changes to the law, including provisions allowing domestic violence victims to break their leases, requiring landlords to change locks, relieving victims from rent obligations, and mandating the return of security deposits and prepaid rent.

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