Video: Top 3 things You Need to Know About OUI/DUI in Massachusetts

A Lawyer’s Perspective: What You Need to Know About OUI

According to “The Drunkest City in Every State” survey by 24/7 Wall St., a financial news outlet, Massachusetts was ranked as the 13th drunkest state in the country. The survey is based on federal census data and other factors, released November 2017. The study found that 21 percent of Barnstable County-area adults drink heavily, a.k.a. binge-drinking, as compared to the statewide and nationwide averages of 19.5 and 18 percent, respectively.

It is not clear whether this is because more people drink in the county of Barnstable (which is all of Cape Cod but not including Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard) or because more people get caught doing so. Either way, law enforcement is on high alert especially during the summer when the population quadruples and during the holidays. “Excessive drinking claims the lives of tens of thousands of Americans each year and is responsible for about 1 in every 10 deaths among working age adults,” the survey’s authors wrote. With Uber, Lyft and other easy-accessible ride alternatives, it’s easier and SAFER for all than getting behind the wheel after consuming a few cocktails. Be safe, don’t drink/drug and drive.


  1. Drink & Drive
  2. Drive Drugged
  3. Text & Drive

Stay Alert & Buckle Up!

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