Uber & Lyft Ride-sharing Car Accidents

Compensation for Uber & Lyft Ride-sharing Car Accidents Uber & Lyft ride-sharing car accidents are on the rise. These and other ride-share companies have become a popular alternative to conventional taxicabs from Cape Cod to Boston, Massachusetts and all over the country with drivers everywhere. You can see their little glowing windshield signs picking up … Read more

Child Custody

where to file a complaint for divorce

Child Custody: Can I move my minor children to another state or country after my divorce? Divorce brings significant change to families, both emotional and physical, especially when children and child custody issues are involved.  Sometimes circumstances warrant one parent wanting or needing to move to another state and wishing to take the children with … Read more

Alternative Dispute Resolution

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Agreeing on a divorce or any type of legal settlement can be emotionally and financially draining. The traditional path of courtroom litigation may work for some, but it’s not necessarily the best option for everyone. Each situation is unique, and more people are looking toward different methods of Alternative Dispute Resolution. What Is Alternative Dispute … Read more

Video on Divorce Mediation

Benefits of Divorce Mediation In the divorce process, there are several benefits of divorce mediation when two parties are unable to resolve their dispute. The option to work with a licensed mediator/attorney will help find common ground, interpret concerns, define problems and relay information between the parties.  Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution with many advantages regardless of … Read more

Do I Need A Will?

The team of attorneys at Carter DeYoung often hear the question, ‘Do I Need a Will?’ The short answer is Yes. The long answer is a Will is just the beginning, regardless of the number or value of the assets involved. It’s important to realize a Will is a legally-binding statement indicating who will receive … Read more

Pandemic Relief for Retirement Accounts

CARES Act Allows Retirement Account Owners NOT to Have to Take Required Minimum Distributions (RMD’s) If you have a retirement account you’ve most likely experienced fluctuations in your retirement balances due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) but rest assured there is some pandemic relief for retirement accounts. This year, you aren’t required to adhere to the normal … Read more

Are Adoptees entitled to their adoption records?

On a general basis, information regarding a person’s adoption is not available for inspection, unless a judge of probate of the county where such records are kept, for good cause shown, shall otherwise order. However, an adopted person is entitled to nonidentifying data under G. L. c. 210, § 5D(a)(1) such information includes “information about Read more

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